Monday, January 25, 2010

Painted Vintage Women

We located these beautiful rust, square based, hurricane centerpieces. As we entered the shop, there were two being displayed, glowing so romantically! We had to order these for our shop....they can be used indoor and also for that special occasion when entertaining outdoors.

Here it is again, but with a round, iron, floral base........a pair make a gorgeous table setting. Both are nicely priced. Email me for all the information.

Here are the latest you must have! We have a small and large painted vintage lady....what a conversation piece! They look darling in the bathroom, as well as the bedroom or propped up on a stack of books! The large lady stands 23'' and the smaller, 27" me for details.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Timelessly Designed Products

We ran across this striking nest table in Atlanta on our last buying trip.It's perfect tucked in a corner or at the end of a hall. Also, it is an eyecatching display table for a flower grouping or even wine tray with glasses. This beautiful piece retails for $75.00 plus shipping. Email or comment for information.

We eat cheese frequently and when there are guests coming, this always intrigues friends to lift and taste what is under the dome! What a perfect way to show off the cheese! This large cloche retails for $55.00. Email or comment for information.